Getting Extra Protection
Take a break from your fast paced life and look back, how hard have you worked to be where you are this day? Your home, your car and above all the security of your beloved family has all been earned by your undivided dedication and rigorous uphill struggle. And if you are that coordinated kind of a person you most likely have taken care of your Home, Auto and Life Insurance policies too.

But, here lies the rub. In case your liability losses exceeds all your covered assets…what then? Wipe off that sweat from your forehead! You have a Personal Umbrella Policy.

Umbrella liability Insurance is so named because it acts exactly like an umbrella, covering your Auto and Homeowners Policy with some extra protection. Your auto or homeowners insurance does cover some liability insurance, but the possibility of a huge liability loss cannot be ruled out either. It is for those unexpected tough times that your Umbrella policy would pay for your losses up to $1 million (or $10 million). It increases your liability limits, on your current property or auto policies. Personal Umbrella insurance usually carries a high deductible of $300,000 or more. It is designed not to chip in until your other policies are maxed out. Typical Umbrella policies require you to have auto or homeowner liability insurance coverage, same as the deductible of your Umbrella Policy. And such Umbrella insurance is relatively inexpensive.

Again looking at the other side, not everyone needs umbrella coverage. If you have minimal assets and you do not fall into a high risk category, your basic coverage offered by your property or car insurer can suffice. But it is always prudent to take extra precautions and enjoy peace of mind.