Know Your Rights

Today's employment laws has become stricter than ever and growing more so each year. There has thus been an exponential increase in employment practices lawsuits in recent years and its volume reaches record levels each year.

Statistics show an employer is more likely to have an employment claim than a property or general liability claim. As a result employers of all sizes are highly vulnerable to exorbitant costs when they hire labor law legal specialists to defend themselves. Employer defendants' lose 60 percent of all EPLI cases. The irony is, right or wrong, employers must defend themselves against allegation and jury trials. In that case Employment Practices Liability Insurance (or EPLI) brings a breath of fresh air for the employers and their employees.

Under any circumstances whether real or alleged, EPLI covers claims like; wrongful refusal to hire, wrongful failure to promote, wrongful demotions or reassignment, harassment, coercion or discrimination. Here are five good reasons to buy an EPLI coverage:

  1. Protection against claims like harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination, etc.
  2. Cutting age partnership.
    1. 'First line of defense' for your company
    2. Policyholder self-audits to help you comply with federal and local laws
  3. Helps implement Human Resource Systems and processes that must be in place
  4. Overall coverage for entity, directors, officers, all employees: full time, part-time, former and prospective.
  5. Expanded financial protection, including judgments, back pay, appeals, bonds, pre- and post-judgment interest, class action lawsuits and administrative charges

So ensure your Peace of Mind with EPLI Coverage! Today!